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Metaverse Discovery is the only dedicated event that will take you on an immersive journey to unlock the opportunities and potential for your organization within the Metaverse. You will hear from our impressive cast of Keynote speakers, and Panelists, who will take you on a journey through the Metaverse, presenting you with Case Studies of how leading brands and organizations are providing unique, imaginative and groundbreaking experiences for their customers. Metaverse Discovery is designed to leave you feeling informed and empowered, to open up a whole new world for your organization.








Smart Cities

Smart Cities






Tourism & Leisure

Development and Construction

Development & Construction


Vesa Nopanen

Mr. Metaverse

Ethan Pierse

Crypto Assets Institute

Nick Dauk

Travel Journalist

Dr Jane Thomason

World Metaverse Council

Rudi Schmidt


Nitin Dahad

Rafal Gelner


Timo Helgert


Arome Ibrahim


Abdulla Al Ameri

A Crypto Specialist

Irina Karagyaur


Jawad Ashraf


Jamie Bykov-Brett


David Bundi


Hazam Fayyad

Transformology XR

Isabella Williamson


Jimi Daodu

Vault Hill

Speakers Just Confirmed

  • Rafal Gelner, Zetly
  • Hazem Fayyad, Transformology XR
  • Nitin Dahad,

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    World Metaverse Awards



    Smart Cities

    Smart Cities


    Tourism & Leisure






    World Metaverse Leader of the of the Year 2023



    Join our Journey

    Metaverse Discovery is designed to fulfill the needs of marketing and communications professionals, who are responsible for taking their organization on their future journey into the Metaverse. Our Discovery Day will show you how others have successfully embarked on their own journeys. We will share with you what you need to know now, and what you will need to be thinking about for the future.

    Metaverse Discovery will combine discovery, immersion, engagement, and experience. The day will feature everything from live demos to mind-blowing talks making it the place to be for all Marcom professionals building their plans for a virtual world. The Metaverse is here and you are invited to pioneer this incredible new domain with us.

    Places are strictly limited so please register now to ensure you and your organization are the first to benefit from this unique, informative and empowering day of Metaverse Discovery.

    • Chief Marketing Officers
    • Brand Managers and Directors
    • Marketing Managers and Directors
    • Marketing Executives
    • Content Managers and Directors
    • Digital Marketing Managers and Directors
    • Communications Managers and Directors

    Discovery Day

    08.00 – 09.15

    Delegate Registrations

    09.15 – 09.20

    Official Welcome

    09.20 – 09.30

    Opening Address

    Keynote Address- Ethics in the Metaverse

    In this Keynote, Dr Jane Thomason sets the scene for the day, by raising the important question, of how organisations should tackle ethics in the Metaverse.



    • Dr Jane Thomason, Inaugural Chair, World Metaverse Council

    09.30 – 09.35

    Navigating the Technological Zeitgeist: Scene Setter

    In today’s accelerating digital age, it may often seem as though technological advancements are emerging at an overwhelming pace. Technologies such as Virtual Reality have been in our midst for three decades, Metaverses for nearly two, and both decentralized data and Artificial Intelligence technologies have been shaping our world for even longer. So, what’s changed to bring them from niched circles to mainstream adoption.



    • Jamie Bykov Brett, Social Entrepreneur, Digital Innovation Specialist, Metaverse & Web3 Advisor, Workshop Facilitator & Futurist Educator.

    09.35 – 09.50

    Keynote Address: The Future of the Metaverse and what it means for marketing and communications

    We can no longer examine the Metaverse as a futuristic tool out of our current reach and instead must embrace its benefits in the here and now. This keynote speech will highlight how the Metaverse is a service for your business and the importance it must play in any business strategy



    • Irina Karagyaur, Founder & CEO, BQ9

    09.50 – 10.25

    Panel Session: Why your company needs a Metaverse Strategy

    Having the Metaverse as for customers and clients is no longer a dream but a reality you need to address. No longer a dystopian future, having metaverse accessibility is in your grasp, however how do you go from virtual to reality? This panel session will reflect on how companies have developed a metaverse strategy whilst identifying successful case studies.



    • Vesa Nopanen, Principal Consultant, Sulava OY



    • David Bundi, Chairman and Co-Founder @MetaverseTalks
    • Irina Karagyaur, Founder & CEO, BQ9
    • Jimi Daodu, Founder & CEO, Vaulthill

    10.25 – 11.05

    Panel Session: You have a Strategy, now how do you build it?

    You have your strategy, but what components are needed to embed to build your metaverse? How can it be achieved whilst identifying successful tools and infrastructure including logistics, software and resources. This session will identify whose responsibility the Metaverse is and why?



    • Vesa Nopanen, Principal Consultant, Sulava OY



    • Arome Ibrahim, Product Manager & 360 VR Developer & Product Manager, Experis Immersive
    • Nitin Dahad, Editor in Chief,
    • Hazam Fayyad, Founder, Transformology XR
    • Jamie Bykov Brett, Social Entrepreneur, Digital Innovation Specialist, Metaverse & Web3 Advisor, Workshop Facilitator & Futurist Educator.

    11.05 – 11.35

    Sports Metaverse- Creating a bridge to the digital world for the sports industry


    Finding ways of increasing supporter engagement is a key driver for any Sports Club or Organisations from the NFL to Premier League. One such tool is the Metaverse, here we explore the Sports Metaverse with Michal and Robert. This session will explore the newly launched Pilot Programme in Poland which will provide turnkey metaverse solutions to selected football teams. The session will explore how the Metaverse can increase engagement via fan tokens, NFT Digital Collections and how Clubs can engage with consumers by combining Augmented Reality (AR) with Virtual Reality (VR) in the exciting new XR environment!



    • Rafal Gelner, Co-Founder, Zetly

    11.35 – 12.00

    Refreshments / Interactive Exhibition

    12.00 – 12.40 & 12.45 – 13.25

    Sector Workshops @40 mins each

    Delegate choice of 2
    These sessions will examine pragmatic use cases for marketers to secure their brand assets, engage their customers, foster loyalty, and reach influencers.



    HEALTH – Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse driving Precision Medicine


    The evolution of healthcare finds the globe more reliant than ever on precision medicine. Targeted individual medicine will be the future of health services worldwide. This session will explore how one such technology, Artificial Intelligence, is transforming the field of Healthcare.



    • Rudi Schmidt, CEO,Immunetrue-



    RETAIL – Shopping Malls of the future


    The retail industry has discovered a new realm of expression but, for many, the metaverse remains a mystery. How do brands and retailers maximise its value? How do they keep up with ever-changing customer demands? In this workshop, we examine retail shopping in a digital world and highlight the recently opened, world first, Metaverse Shopping Mall



    • Jimi Daodu, Founder & CEO, Vaulthill



    SMART CITIES – Digital Twin Cities


    Welcome to “Unleashing the Potential: Smart Cities in the Metaverse,” a session dedicated to exploring the transformative power of smart cities within the metaverse and their wide-ranging benefits for governments, citizens, businesses, and tourists. This session will delve into the innovative concept of city digital twins and the integration of real-time data, showcasing how these advancements can revolutionize urban living.


    In this workshop Hazem explores the technology needed to achieve a digital twin city whilst highlighting examples from across the world.



    • Hazam Fayyad, Founder, Transformology XR



    LEISURE – Sustainable Tourism and the role of Virtual Reality for Travel Marketing


    One of the worse hit Industries during the pandemic had to be Travel and Tourism. With flights grounded across the world many people could only dream of escaping to warmer climates. This led to increasing numbers of people turning to virtual reality to relieve pent-up demand for travel. With VR Headsets readily available and cost effective, citizens can immerse themselves in experiences such as wandering the gardens of the Taj Mahal or navigating Icebergs in Antarctica.


    In this Workshop we will showcase how Tourism Boards worldwide are turning to Virtual Reality to promote their destinations and using Augmented Reality to combine technology and boost local tourism at landmarks.



    • Timo Helgert, Arts Director, Vacades



    EMPLOYMENT & RECRUITMENT – Creating the Workers of the Future


    How will the Metaverse be helping Maintenance, Services and Field Workers? With the help of the AI and the Cloud, Workers will have the power of the Metaverse empowering them with skills, knowledge and augmented reality during their workday. In this session Vesa “Vesku” Nopanen explores what Field Workers perfect day will be and how Metaverse will enable that experience today and tomorrow



    • Vesa Nopanen, Principal Consultant, Sulava OY

    13.30 – 14:30

    Delegate Lunch & Exhibition

    14:30 – 15.10

    Metaverse, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges

    In this session we explore how AI will supercharge the Metaverse and the challenges that will present.


    Keynote & Moderator:

    • David Bundi, Chairman and Co-Founder @MetaverseTalks



    • Rudi Schmidt – CEO, Immunetrue
    • Elina Idrisova – Regional Director of Digital Transformation, Elevatus

    15.10 – 16.10

    KSA, the future, and the Metaverse.

    What role will the Metaverse play in shaping the 2030 Saudi Vision? This Session will explore the plans within Saudi Arabia for embracing the Metaverse, and will include representatives from Government and high profile entities from within KSA.



    • Nitin Dahad, Editor in Chief,

    16.10 – 16.45

    Metaverse Discovery: Journey through the Metaverse

    This session will take delegates on a journey through the Metaverse, honing on the approach different verticals have adopted for the own Metaverse journeys. We will explore what success looks like, and explore the relationship between creativity, experience, emotion, engagement and outcome. On our journey, we will consider:

    • The role Virtual Reality has played in transforming marketing for business
    • How the architecture of a virtual world can transform our real world
    • How consumer behaviour has evolved alongside that of the Metaverse
    • How Metaverses can create revenue streams for businesses today


    In this presentation, we chart the course of the Metaverse, from its embryonic beginnings to its promising future as the next evolution of the internet. More crucially, we will examine how you can tap into this technological tide, reaping benefits both personally and professionally. Remember, the opportunity missed is the one that’s seen passing by. Join us as we navigate this exciting new digital frontier together.



    • Jamie Bykov Brett, Social Entrepreneur, Digital Innovation Specialist, Metaverse & Web3 Advisor, Workshop Facilitator & Futurist Educator.

    16.45 – 17.00

    Closing remarks

    17.30 – 20.00

    Social and networking event

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